FRP Rods – FRP

(Fibre Reinforcement Plastic) rods

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world. FRP Rods are Di-electric cable composite strength member which are a combination of resin, reinforcements, additives and surface veil. FRP has advantage of high temperature resistant property with high torsion strength. The FRP Rods products are designed for use of Electrical industries, agricultural, engineering, transport and various industries with different diameter range.

Product Details:

FRP Rods are manufactured by using high performance E-glass fibre with tight loss on ignition, minimized fuzz and fast impregnation reinforced with unique formulation of modified resin and high heat resistant. They are passed by thermal pultrusion process before rolling on storage wheels Frp Rods are available in diameters from 0.4mm to 5.0mm. It is available with various coatings such as EAA, Polypropylene and HDPE, which allows easy handling and better gripping to Optical Fibre Cables. It is Most suited for multi-loose tube, uni-tube, slotted core and ribbon cable designs.

Benefits & Features of FRP Rods:

High strength & light weight

Minimum bend radius provides flexibility with the right amount of antibuckling

Good adhesion to jacket material

Consistent diameter and shape

better flexibility as compared to steal counterparts

cost effective solution as a strength member